Purchaser Pre-Closing Walk-Through Assessments

Real estate is the biggest purchase you will make in your lifetime.  Loop Consulting Group will provide an expert eye on your behalf.  Our pre-closing walk through and assessment results in a comprehensive punch list, heading off post move in surprises. 

Pre-Marketing Walk-Through

Everyone wants to put his or her best foot forward when selling their home.  A pre-listing walk through facilitates this by providing an observation report of cosmetic and functional corrective items to hedge against purchaser repair requests at the time of closing. This saves sellers money, time and the potential loss of a sale.

Pre-Leasing Walk-Through

When preparing to lease an apartment, having to know all the nooks and crannies of what could be or go wrong in the apartment after move in is typically not at the top of the list.  However, after move in, these things become quite the nuisance.  Loop takes care of identifying those potential operational items prior to your lease signing to provide a smooth transitional move.

Construction Services

Renovation Project Management

Big or small, renovations have many complicated and time consuming facets.  Our representation provides project oversight on behalf of the homeowner in order to keep contractors accountable to building standards throughout the process.

Renovation Punch Listing

At the end of a project, the loose ends are the most tedious.  With a thorough review of deliverables and finishes, our renovation punch service provides a streamlined actionable document to accomplish the desired finished product. 

New Construction Punch Listing

For developers, contractors, and/or construction management firms looking to efficiently complete a project, Loop will complete quality punch list walk-throughs and provide well written punch list items that trades can easily follow for quicker completion.

Construction Quality Practices Consulting

With the ever growing pressures of schedule and budget, quality is the third factor driving project completion and acceptance, but often goes forgotten.  Here at Loop Consulting Group, we take pride in analyzing project goals and developing strategies to improve quality through contract language, field programs, methodical practices, and training in finishes. 


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